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A form of seizure or convulsion usually related to epilepsy during which the patient shakes violently and loses consciousness. Graves' disorder

Assessment of the entire body cavity including the pelvis working with an illuminated tube that's inserted through a modest incision.

A small volume of healthful tissue surrounding a tumor Which might be surgically taken out with diseased tissue. maxilla

A minimally invasive cure that uses heat to cauterize or burn up enlarged veins inside the legs, a ailment called varicose veins.

A serious condition in which one part of the intestine slides into another part of the intestine, similar to a folding telescope, creating an obstruction and causing swelling and inflammation. For information about prognosis and cure begin to see the Therapeutic Enema for intussusception website page. invasive

Imaging anatomical facts from the cross-sectional airplane of your body, Each individual image created by a computer synthesis of x-ray transmission details attained in numerous Instructions inside of a supplied airplane.

Treatments during which miniature instruments or maybe a catheter that contains remedies are inserted into a blood vessel during the brain to deal with vascular disorder or abnormalities.

A hole in the partitions of the organ or composition of the human body that develops from the weak location from the organ or from the deep penetrating wound due to trauma.

An invasive procedure is often an "open" operation, which include appendectomy, which needs a surgical incision for exposure of deep structures or organs for performance of the intervention.

Access controls that restrict usage of Offer from this company a system to only licensed customers; accessibility Management assigns appropriate and privileges of end users to sources through solitary sign-on databases; car logoff to prevent a person besides the legitimate user from continuing a session; Bodily access Regulate for crucial pcs to circumvent console-based destructive assaults, energy interruptions or other threats to safety on the devices.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy that's sent to the central nervous technique (CNS) by means of a lumbar puncture as preventive cancer treatment. Also often called central anxious program (CNS) sanctuary therapy. coagulate

A treatment during which a sample of tissue from your lining in the uterus, called the endometrium, is removed and examined for abnormal cells less than a microscope.

A Distinctive kind of noninvasive nuclear drugs imaging that provides images referred to as scintigrams on the lymphatic procedure. See the Lymphoscintigraphy web page To learn more.

An irregular link concerning arteries and veins which allows blood move to bypass the small vessels exactly where oxygen and tissue nutrients are exchanged.

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